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Table of contents

  1. Intro
  2. Built with
  3. Developer tools
  4. To-dos
  5. Tutorial

What is it?

A handy-dandy clipboard sharing tool to share URLs between devices and users




Built with

Developer libraries


There is a very simple API for anybody to use. You can use it for storing URLs in your To-do app, or as a connection between order IDs and their URLs. The possibilities are endless The API endpoint is at


How to clip?

Clipping is easy. Just click on the magnifying glass and paste in your link!


Then press Enter and through the magic of code here is the code to your link!


How to receive a clip?

Receiving a clip is even easier than clipping. Just get out your phone or another device and paste the code into the input. recieve

And now just click the button….

get URL